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The Most Delicious Hot Dog in Athens

The project has started in 2008. After a lot of search journeys throughout Europe and U.S.A, we have been provided with the required knowledge about Street Food and we decided to specialize in the original american hot dog, adding at the same time european recipes,adjusted to the greek taste.So, we have created the Johnie Hot Dog,a combination of many different tastes in a single hot dog.
Visit our NEW store 11 Kolokotroni St. 105 62 Athens ( Phone: 2109859150 ) & our NEW canteen at 107 Athinon Av. 104 35 Athens - Elaionas ( Phones: 2103424243, 2130454569 )
Apart from the classic recipe( onion sauce, cabbage, carrot,ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise ) which was well known to the greek market at that time,we have added the original american sauces such as the hot dog relish,the corn relish,the pepper relish, as well as the crispy fried onion,the sweet and sour cucumber,the sweet spicy black Bavarian mustard,the hot molten cheddar cheese,the hot chilly peppers jalapenos,the mustard-honey mix and the Berliner curry-ketchup sauce.

All of the above, consist only a part of the basic ingredients we use for making the Johnie Hot Dog. The above combination of sauces, with the four different types of sausages ( classic Frankfurt, village baked sausage,chicken sausage and the white German Bratwust sausage) together with our fluffy fresh hot bread,consist the Johnie Hot Dog,the most unique gourme hot dogs of our city. The quality of our food and the modern canteens we provide,rank our products as the best version of steet food.

Our first canteen started in 2008,in 136, Syggrou avenue,outside the Panteion University. After that point,new canteen arrivals followed,in Poseidonos Avenue at the entrance of the west ex-airport of Athens and in 36,Iera Odos Gazi.

Our company provides not only fixed canteens,but also mobile carts and trailers that serve business,music,athletic parties and events. We are also involved to Christmas festivities using our elegant wooden houses.

Trust the Johnie Hot Dog,enjoy it and make a travel through its taste.

Because street fast food can be original!!!!