the art of hot dog

The project was launched in 2008. After a lot of research trips throughout Europe and USA where we were provided with the required knowledge about street food, we decided to specialize in the authentic American hot dog, adding European recipes, always adapted to the Greek taste.
That’s how we created Johnie Hot Dog, combining many different flavors in a hot dog.

Besides to the classic recipe that was well known in the Greek market at that time (onion sauce, cabbage, carrot, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise), we added the authentic American sauces hot dog relish, corn relish and pepper relish, crispy fried onion, sweet and sour Danish cucumber, red cabbage in apple sauce, sweet spicy Bavarian black mustard, hot melted cheddar cheese, mustard with honey, and Berlin curry ketchup, as well as, the famous krisspy French fries and the frittas sauce that accompanies them.

All of the above are part of the basic ingredients we use at Johnie Hot Dog.
The combination of these ingredients, along with our four different choices of sausages (classic Frankfurt, grilled country sausage, chicken and turkey sausage, white German Bratwust) and our fluffy fresh hot bread, make our hot dogs the only gourmet ones in our city.

Also, following the modern nutritional philosophy and due to the ever-growing popularity of vegetarian cuisine, we added pure vegetarian hot dogs with new ingredients such as the Vienna BIO vegetarian sausage, vegan cheddar cheese and vegan mayonnaise.

Our first canteen opened in 2009 at 136 Syngrou Avenue (outside Panteion University), followed by the canteen at Poseidonos Avenue in Elliniko and the one at 36 Iera Odos in Gazi. Along with the canteens, our company owns mobile carts and trailers that serve business, music, sports parties and events.

The quality of the food in combination with our modern canteens, classify Johnie Hot Dog as the best version of steet food.

Trust, enjoy and travel through taste with Johnie Hot Dog.
Because did anyone say that street food can’t be authentic?